Skincare Routine for Your #HomeCare

Under the magnifying light, estheticians see everything.

We can see where ingredients are abused (I’m looking at you OTC acne treatments), underused, and overall incorrect for your skin type. We know through years of study and practice which ingredients work best with different skin conditions and concerns. And believe it or not, we aren’t trying to separate you from your hard-earned cash. We are trying to help you reach your goals with quality and lasting products that will improve your skin and boost your glow.



Most estheticians are “product junkies”.

We’ve tried it all, and we grew up wanting perfect skin. We saved our money for the “biggest” brands or the latest influencer to flash a sale on social media… only to be disappointed with lackluster ingredients and inflated marketing slogans.

This is where an esthetician dives into the endless sea of products to find the most active, honorable, clean, and environmentally friendly products for their clients’ home care routines. Because without homecare, it’s like working out once and expecting it to fulfill your health goals for the year. It doesn’t work. You have to maintain a routine.

Home care is a ritual of self-care.

It always has the basic foundation: cleanse-toner-serum-moisture-SPF for daytime, and double-cleanse-toner-serum/moisturizer for nighttime. And, of course, a weekly mask for additional cell stimulation. But why all these steps you ask?

Cleansing and Double-Cleansing:

What goes on must come off. In the morning, a fresh face requires a simple cleanser that will set the mood for the day and keep you hydrated and remove any excess oil. At night, dirt and makeup, and sunscreen need to come off and require a double-cleanse. By using an oil cleanser first it will loosen up the longevity ingredients that kept your products on all day. You want to follow it with a secondary cleanser specifically designed for your skin to ensure there no remaining debris on the skin and your superpower (Serums) products will have better efficacy.


Toners balance out the ph of your skin after cleansing and create a balanced acid mantle for your products to work in more harmony. The better the toner, the better your products. And toners come in all shapes and sizes: antioxidants, acids, hydrating, drying, etc… they set the “tone” for how your skin is going to respond to what you put on it next.


Serums are the Super Heroes of skincare. These little concentrates are where you’re going to maximize your goals. They are the abracadabra that makes magic happen. Depending on your goals, specific ingredients mixed into a serum can create the perfect solution for your skin goals. Your esthetician is there to guide you.


This one seals the deal. To create that dewy look that lasts all day or night, you need hydration. Even oily skin needs a proper moisturizer so that it will feel balanced and not create MORE oil throughout the day. A quality moisturizer should be chirally corrected (the useless half of the molecule is removed) so you need less product. Better product, less filler.


Some moisturizers have SPF built into them. Awesome! But did you know that SPF only works for about 2 hours? After that, you have to reapply. I know, I know… But that’s why there are so many options available with SPF. It’s in everything, and you need it. Your friend needs it. Your kids need it. We all need it. Finding an SPF you love doesn’t have to be that hard. Ask your esthetician what they use. They will probably blow your mind with how many reef-safe and organic options are out there.

And finally, the Weekly Mask:

Masks are designed to boost your skincare treatments and targeted for the ultimate home treatment. Acne? Use a mask with salicylic to help speed up recovery. Dryness? Use a mask with ultra-rich hydrating ingredients that are a bit too heavy for daily use. Dullness? Use an enzyme mask to munch away those dead skin cells that won’t budge. You can never go wrong with a home mask (with adult beverage) and an episode of Schitt’s Creek to really make that glow ultra-RADIANT!

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